Professional Concrete Repair and Replacement in Peoria, IL

Has your concrete sidewalk or driveway seen better days? Do you have a concrete patio that is past saving? Our team at Force Masonry Construction offers professional concrete repair and replacement for driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and patios for homeowners in Pekin, Peoria, Morton, East Peoria, and Washington.

Causes of Cracked and Damaged Concrete

There are a variety of issues that can lead to a cracked driveway or damaged concrete around your home. The following information can help you diagnose the causes of cracked concrete. If you need an expert opinion, contact our team for an in-person assessment.

Driveway - Concrete Replacement

Excess water in the mix

Concrete does not need a ton of water to reach max strength. However, the majority of concrete poured for residential jobs contains too much water. This excess water is added to make the concrete easier to install but reduces the strength of the concrete. Due to the excess water in the concrete, shrinkage can occur, which leads to cracks.

Lack of Reinforcement

A Lack of proper reinforcement within the concrete slab can cause structural weaknesses, cracks, and uneven concrete around your property. The damage from this can be accelerated due to weather conditions, freezing, and voids underneath the slab.

Frost Heaving

Frost heaving occurs when the ground beneath a concrete slab freezes and expands. This can lead to cracking, uneven concrete, and permanent damage to your concrete slabs.

Rapid drying of the concrete

Rapid drying of your concrete slab will increase the risk of cracking. The reaction that causes concrete to go from liquid to solid requires water. If the concrete does not have enough water, shrinkage can occur, leading to cracks in your slab.

Lack of control joints

Expansion, or control joints, help keep concrete where you want them. These joints are designed to allow for the expansion of the concrete slabs throughout the seasons. Without these joints, the concrete has no place to expand and can crack or buckle.

Poorly compacted soil beneath the slab

The majority of residential concrete pours are poured directly on the dirt. If this dirt is improperly compacted, it can lead to voids, water channels, or sinkholes underneath your concrete slabs. As pressure from cars, foot traffic, and more passes over the concrete, it stresses the slab over the areas with the least support causing cracks.

Professional Driveway Repair and Replacement

Our team at Force Masonry Construction specializes in concrete driveway replacement and repair services for residential driveways in Pekin, Peoria, Morton, East Peoria, and Washington. If you have large cracks, sunken corners, or shrinkage cracks, we can help.

Our concrete replacement services for residential driveways can help you increase your property value and maintain a usable driveway for your home.

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Professional Sidewalk Repair & Replacement

In addition to driveways, the sidewalks and walkways around your home are important to maintain. Excess shrinkage, cracking, and uneven concrete can cause tripping hazards which could potentially lead to injury. Contact our team to learn more about sidewalk repair and replacement today.

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