Professional Foundation Tuckpointing in Illinois

We want to share some general information that all homeowners need to know about their foundation. Foundations play an important role of the structural integrity of your home, and if not repaired or properly maintained, they can bring on major expenses and headaches in the future. And for some, the future could be sooner than you think.

Our team at Force Masonry Construction specializes in foundation repair and tuckpointing service for brick and block structures, churches, schools, and municipal buildings throughout central Illinois, Bloomington, Peoria, and the surrounding areas. If you have a block foundation with minor damage, we may be able to help you prevent further damage with foundation tuckpointing. Our expert masons have years of experience helping home and business owners repair block foundations. Get in touch with our experts today to get a foundation inspection and tuckpointing quote.

What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a process that is used to remove damaged mortar and replace it with new mortar preventing deterioration, water leaks, and damage to your home. It can be preformed on large scale buildings to fix damage areas, improve the aesthetic appeal of the building, and keep the brick stronger for years. Tuckpointing is a recommended maintenance process that should be completed every 20 years on brick buildings.

In addition to this, tuckpointing is a perfect solution for block foundations that are experiencing mortar deterioration or stairstep cracking. In some cases on a foundation tuckpointing job, we may need to excavate the soil around your foundation. This will give our team access to the exterior blockwork to inspect for damage and cracks.

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Signs You May Need Tuckpointing On Your Foundation

Cracked Wall - Foundation TuckpointingMoisture, weather, and time can all impact how quickly the mortar on your brick and block foundations lasts. As time goes on it becomes easier to notice damage to your home. If you notice any of the following signs on your home then you may need our team to tuck point your foundation to keep it strong.

  • Cracked, dirty, or dark basement walls

  • Exterior bricks with a washed-out color

  • Discoloration or spots caused by outflows

  • Damaged or loose brickwork

  • Visibly Damaged Mortar

  • Stairstep Cracks

Benefits of Tuckpointing Your Foundation

As expert masons we understand the many benefits of having tuckpointing performed on your home. Tuckpointing can help maintain the life of your properties by removing damaged and aging mortar joints. This prevents further corrosion from leaning to structural instability. In addition to this, tuckpointing can prevent water from entering your basement, solving issues related to water damage such as rot, mildew, and mold.

Having tuckpointing done on your home can also save you money. Tuckpointing is a preventative maintenance service that adds life to the mortar in between your bricks. A home with bad mortar that is left unmaintained can potentially have a major failure resulting in the complete replacement of the brick facing. Tuckpointing can prevent this by resealing and preventing damage to the brick that is on the wall. Tuckpointing also improves or restores the natural beauty of your home.

Contact Our Experts for Tuckpointing In Illinois

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