We want to share some general information that all homeowners need to know about their chimney. Chimneys are beautiful to look at, and do serve a purpose, but if not properly maintained, they can bring on major expenses and headaches in the future. And for some, the future could be sooner than you think.

Our expert masons will provide top quality chimney repair services to your home! We have the experience it takes after rebuilding thousands of chimneys over the years. In some cases, a chimney does need to be totally rebuilt, but in other cases it can be salvaged with proper chimney repairs.

The chimney cap is normally the root of all chimney problems. Traditionally from the 50’s – 2000’s chimney caps were made out of mortar. Mortar serves its purpose when bonding brick and masonry together but is not the best choice to cap a chimney with. Mortar will crack and allow water in almost immediately. Over the years it will create paths down your chimney and lead to deterioration on the inside of your chimney, which will eventually let water into the inside of your home.


There are two main options when it comes to picking the correct cap to repair your chimney.


The first, and most inexpensive option, is a concrete chimney cap. Concrete is much stronger than mortar, and although it may crack over time, we add a control joint between your flue tile and the concrete to allow for expansion. This will prevent pressure and keep cracking to a minimum. After the cap is formed and poured, it needs a day to set up and cure. Once the concrete is set, the form is stripped, the chimney cap is polished to give it a nice finished look.



Another option is to add a copper cap. Copper is a great choice for your chimney cap because it has a modern look and never fails. It cannot crack, rust, or deteriorate. Beyond that, a copper cap is more decorative, has great curb appeal, and gives your home a more high-end look. It also requires no maintenance. Copper caps are often used in wealthier areas because contractors like to charge the customer much more than is necessary. This leads many to believe since it is copper that, it’s more expensive, but Force Masonry Construction can make the cost affordable for those who can afford to have their chimney repaired

Chimney Caps


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