Brick Repair

Super Brickman recently took off to save the day for a Southern Illinois church. It was nearly 200 years old and suffering with a lot of brick and foundation issues. Super Brickman did not fear, because he was there! Upon assessing the condition that the foundation and brick was in, it became clear that a prior company had not tuck-pointed the church as they should have at last repair. Therefore, like anything done improperly, the issues resurfaced.

Tuckpointing is a process of grinding out the old mortar at least ¾” to 1” deep. This allows plenty of room for the new mortar to be applied, and enough are to re-bond strongly. Many companies will come through, as they did for this church, and barely grind ½” or less deep in the foundation or brick, if at all! Then they will come back around and just skim coat the new mortar on, never really giving it the proper chance to bond to the existing foundation or brick. This can be very frustrating for the property owner because they will find themselves back in the position with brick or foundation that is settling and cracking.

This break down of mortar and brick is a common problem when it comes to brick repair. These common problems can almost always be linked back to water on the brick or foundation over time. It rains, water runs down the surface, it begins to deteriorate and erode the brick. This can cause a multitude of issues in your brick or foundation such as stair step mortar cracks in the brick, water penetration inside of your house, walls can begin to begin to settle causing you structural failures, and interior issues inside that will easily rack up an additional repair bill. It is best to address these brick repair needs before they turn into really big issues.

Another common problem from the years of water run-off, leading to deterioration and erosion, is the buildup of debris, dirt, moss, and sometimes even mold in any little crack or crevice. This will continue to build up, grow, or break down your brick or foundation manifesting in many of the same ways through cracking, settling, or total structural failure. Catching these things while they are still minor is key when it comes to preserving the foundation at your home or business. After all, it is holding everything up, and something like that deserves your attention before it’s too late and you end up with twice the amount of problems.

So, our team of professionals, with the guidance of Super Brickman, came to the rescue for the foundation of this church. They went through and did the tuckpointing properly this time so the foundation will be strong to carry on for many years to come! They ground an 1”or more into the old mortar and replaced it with new mortar, skimmed the excess off, and created a foundation that is as strong as the day it was built. It is important to Force Masonry to do the job right for the benefit of our customers, and the longevity of their property.

The church was ecstatic about the services we provided upon restoring their foundation as strong as the day it was built, if not stronger. They were in need of foundation repair, sought out local businesses via google, and landed upon Force Masonry. We provided them a quick and honest estimate, started work in a very timely manner after the contract was signed, and delivered professional craftsmanship correcting their foundation repair needs. Dede Crays, an attendee at the church, and also a standing member on building and grounds committee, initially reached out to us. She said, “Force Masonry made this experience completely stress free. When they left here it was like they hadn’t been here, there was no mess, nothing for us to clean up afterwards. The foundation and pillars in the basement are exceptional looking now. We really couldn’t ask for it to look any better.”

Brick repair is not something to be ignored. The multitude of issues that arise from time, water deterioration, and other circumstances are varied. If you notice stair step cracks in your brick, cracked mortar in your foundation, debris/moss/mold/ built up on cracks in your brick, you need to seek out a quality masonry company that can restore your property. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you find yourself with extra problems.

We pride ourselves on caring about fixing the foundation or brick repair issues correctly for each and every property owner. We are not about a quick fix, or a quick price, leaving the customer a product that will fail them. Force Masonry’s mission is to provide solutions to property owners involving any brick repair, or foundation repair, remedies they may need. Let Force Masonry, home of Super Brickman, save your day and give you the fix your property needs! Serving Pekin, Peoria, and Bloomington areas! Call, 309-642-5332, today!